Steph Baker

 All Professionals, United Kingdom, West Yorkshire


Steph Baker is a musician, singing teacher and vocal coach based in Yorkshire in the UK, teaching people of all talent and ages both from her home studio and remotely. Highly trained and a multi-instrumentalist and professional vocalist herself, Steph is able to draw upon a valuable combination of performance experience, voice science, and music theory to help her students take their own singing to the next level.

With her lived-experience of full-time performing, Steph brings both empathy and skill to her lessons, helping singers avoid muscle tension and vocal strain despite demanding schedules, and because she plays piano and guitar to a high standard too, is able to work with performers to develop their whole sound in harmony. Steph always wants to make time to work with people starting out as well as with more established vocalists, and she loves helping beginners develop their confidence and talent from scratch, encouraging people from all walks of life to embrace that inner longing to sing and perform. She also organises unique showcasing events to give new singers that first, addictive taste of the stage.

Steph graduated with a BA (hons) in Popular Music Performance from the University of Chester, going on to complete a BAST teaching course in 2014. She has spent the last six years teaching and performing extensively, as well as continuing to study to help grow her professional development. This year saw her taking John Henny's 'The New Science of Singing' course to enhance her understanding of voice science, raising her own teaching skill and giving her even better tools to help her singers to achieve the sound they want. A proud ‘vocal explorer’, Steph is passionately dedicated to helping her students find more vocal confidence, freedom and stability so that singing can always feel like the joy it is.


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