ViP's 7 Principles



The ability to coach a singer in style and genre, emotional connection to the lyric and authenticity in performance appropriate for the material. This includes helping the original artist find their unique or material appropriate sound and/or working with an artist development team.

Anatomy & Health

The theory of the anatomy and physiology of the larynx, pulmonary system, throat and mouth and all mechanisms involved with sound production; especially in relation to a well functioning voice. Knowledge of tools that encourage healthy mechanisms and equilibrium in breathing and phonation and the health/rehabilitation aspects of SOVT exercises.


The theory of music and the wider context of music studies and musicality; understanding chords, scales, rhythm and melody and how these apply in the human voice. The ability to hear quality of tone and pitch, guide and distinguish between different music genres and styles of singing. Basic piano and song keys skills.

Voice Science

Source/Filter theory and basic acoustics. Understanding of sound waves, frequencies, harmonics and formants. Application of the anatomy, phonetics and musical scales as affected by changes in the power/source/filter relationship across various registrations. A basic understanding of the use of spectrum viewers and spectrograms.

Body & Mind

Basic theory of learning behaviour, neuroscience and neurobiology, student centered teaching and coaching and the emotional aspect of learning and teaching, mindset and thought patterns and basic psychology performance anxiety. Application of differentiation in lesson structure and clear goals with attention to the singers’ learning abilities and needs as an artist and most of all as a human being to develop autonomous life-long learners.

Vocal Pedagogy

Application of vocal exercises for various voice issues, including the effectiveness of certain scales, consonants and vowels in voice habilitation and the syllable combinations’ tendencies to affect the laryngeal muscles and configurations. That includes methods and exercise combinations based on all previous principles. Skills in voice assessment, lesson planning and practice regimen.

Business Practices & Personal/Professional Development

Understanding of the music and performing arts industry, business ethics, safeguarding and health and safety procedures, time and team management, accounting, curriculum practice, marketing and all other aspects that define your unique value and selling point as a business owner or valuable employee of an educational institution or company.

ViP is a global network of elite voice professionals, including singing teachers, vocal coaches, songwriters, producers, music industry professionals, speech and language practitioners, ENT’s and laryngologists.