Manu Mond

All Professionals, Mexico

Manu Mond, is a Mexican singing teacher, vocal coach and voice performer teacher. His approach to teaching is working not only with voice also with mental and emotional areas, drawing on a strong background in vocal pedagogy, vocal technique, music business and music education, and based on more than a decade of experience in teaching and training artists.
He trains, vocal coaches, singers of all levels, ages and musical styles, speakers and performers. In 2015 he founded eVocal Studio Academy, offering courses and training in complete vocal technique, music business, music production and performance. 
Manu is regularly teaching in other countries, in 2018 he was part of one of the most important artistic development programs in the world: VocalizeU, in Los Angeles California. Nowadays his students are from: London, Spain, USA, Colombia, Sydney and different cities around Mexico.
An ongoing learner, Manu enjoys studying the voice from different perspectives, developing himself as a vocal coach, creative and business man, and continues seeking training in the fields of vocal pedagogy, technique and business music. He has been studying with: Dave Stroud, Steve Giles, Chris Johnson, Donald G. Miller, Karin Cox, Ingo R. Titze,“Big” Billy Clark, Natalie Weiss, Denosh Bennett and Ayana Sealey.

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