Erin Pearson

All Professionals, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Erin Pearson is a full-time music educator, creative musician and author, living and working in Nashville, Tennessee. Her book, 10 Reasons Your Kids Don’t Practice Their Music: And What Parents Can Do About it was featured as a #1 best seller on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in August of 2016. A private music teacher of 15 years (voice, piano, beginning guitar), Ms. Pearson offers a fresh perspective on the music practicing struggle that so many musicians face. This interdisciplinary approach draws from the fields of education, psychology, neuroscience, parenting and business to help music parents, teachers and students get practicing!

Erin was born and raised in Prior Lake, Minnesota, received her Bachelor of Arts in Music at Santa Clara University in 2005 and her Master of Education in Learning and Educational Change at Belmont University in 2015.

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