Kunho Song

All Professionals, Korea

Song is a Korean ENT doctor (otolaryngologist) based in South Korea. He received his medical degree at Chungnam National University, Daejon and has completed his residency at Chungnam National University. He is especially specialized in laryngology, which includes voice restoration. He is also passionate about singing. He has received vocal coaching for over 10 years and always wondered about the anatomy and physiology of the voice. Therefore, he became an ENT doctor and continues to study voice. He is happy to help anyone who is eager to sing better. In addition, he also hosts his own show through YouTube called "Medicalvoice." During the show, he shares and discusses new vocal knowledge with other artists and vocal coaches in Korea.  Song is the member of NATS(National Association of Teachers of Singing) and completed the Voice Teacher Training and Certification course through New York Vocal Coaching, where Justin Stoney, who is also a member of VIP, is managing.
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