Ole Rasmus Møller

Copenhagen, All Professionals, Denmark


Ole Rasmus works across a wide range of styles including musical, pop, singer/songwriters material, harmony singing, providing students with extensive vocal tools and techniques to meet the diverse requirements of the industry.
Ole Rasmus  has been teaching for 20 years and has mostly been working with professional performers. He has focused on helping singers and actors deal with vocal issues via his work as a vocal coach. His background in theatre has given him a lot of experience in teaching interpretation as well. Combined with his 40 years experience as a professional performer demonstrating his versatility as a teacher and his ability to offer career essential performance tools, students will be provided with a relevant combination of techniques to achieve their highest potential when it counts - in auditions and on stage. 
Ole Rasmus is at first trained from drama schools in Copenhagen and London and defines himself as an actor. Never the less he has worked as a singer at numerous albums singing backing vocals for different danish artists besides singing titelsongs for cartoon series. Tv and live experience mainly while joining the vocal ensembles "Hans Mosters Vovse" (1980 - 1981) and “Én Over/Én Under” (1984 - 2021).
As a Musical Performer he took part in shows like  “Les Miserable”, “Cabaret”, “Godspell”,”Hair”, ”Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, “Annie”, Annie Get Your Gun”, “Man of La Mancha”, “Animal Farm”, ”My Fair Lady” and many more.
During the nineties he studied  a bachelor degree in Theatre Science from the University of Copenhagen and started he’s professional teaching career as a drama teacher.
When Ole Rasmus was in his late 40´s he decided to add “singing teacher” to his CV and became an Authorised CVT  Teacher from Complete Vocal Institute in Denmark in the new millennium. To get new inspiration and more tools in his toolbox, he certified as an Modern Vocal Training instructor (L1) as continuing education in 2021
Ole Rasmus taught singing technique, interpretation, speech and presentation skills at Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen for 13 years. He has taught singing in the following countries; USA, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Israel, Finland, Czech Republic , Iceland, Norway & Sweden and has been a speaker at different conferences since 2010. In Scandinavia Ole Rasmus has trained choirs in performance skills and has been vocal coaching at  several  theatres in Copehagen like The Royal Theatre and shows in the Tivoli Gardens. He has been teaching at artistic educations such as the Conservatorium in Aarhus,  DDSKS (The Danish Musical Academy in Fredericia), The Danish Actors Union + Danish Artist Union &  pt at Central Musical Theatre School. 

Ole Rasmus teaches in a safe teaching environment and strive to stay positive, professional and curious. These three goals has led him to interesting opportunities and collaborations.



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