Cornelia Schmitt

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Cornelia Schmitt is a German voice teacher & vocal coach living in Copenhagen/Denmark. She graduated from Complete Vocal Institute as an authorized teacher in Complete Vocal Technique and runs her own vocal studio VOCALS ROCK, where she teaches singers and extreme vocalists 1:1 and online. Cornelia also holds degrees and work experience in Social Pedagogy, Social Work & Human Resources. 

Her passion is teaching and coaching singers in developing their unique vocal style. Cornelia teaches all levels & genres without limitations. However, having herself a musical background within the European Punk/Rock & Metal Scene, her expertise lies in working with rock and metal singers.

Singers on the road need simple and solid tools to keep their voices healthy during a live performance. Her goal is to ensure that the singers reach their goals effectively with the knowledge of how to maintain steady results.

Cornelia doesn´t believe in a one-size-fits-all concept, that´s why her teaching approach is customized to each new student. All sounds can be produced in a healthy way, vocal technique is there to assist the student to achieve their vocal goals. Due to her former coaching experience, she also implements mindset training tools in her teaching.

As for herself, Cornelia is particularly dedicated to ongoing education in regards of vocal pedagogy, vocal health & vocology. She constantly challenges herself on becoming a better vocal coach and to keep up with current developments in that field.

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